highway guardrail trucks

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highway guardrail trucks

The side supporting wheels of the highway guardrail trucks are made of super-grade nylon rods, which are characterized by high pressure resistance, good wear resistance and no damage to the roller when the roller touches the ground. The piston rod in the cylinder can not be deformed in long-term use.

The piston rod in the cylinder can be slid with roller directly. Its disadvantage easily causes the piston rod in the cylinder to bend and deform, and the side wheel can not be used.

highway guardrail trucks

Wave beam enlargement is the main form of semi-rigid guardrail, which is a continuous structure with corrugated steel guardrail plates joined together and supported by the main column. It uses the deformation of soil foundation, columns and beams to absorb collision energy, and force out-of-control vehicles to change direction, return to normal driving direction, prevent vehicles from rushing out, to protect vehicles and passengers, reduce the loss caused by accidents.

IWave beam guardrail steel is flexible, has strong ability to absorb collision energy, has better line-of-sight guidance function, can coordinate with road alignment, beautiful shape, can be used in small radius bends, easy to replace the damage. The combined wave beam guardrail can be used in narrow central dividers. For the section outside the exit (bridge), which may cause serious consequences, we can choose to strengthen the wavy beam guardrail.

I Material and Manufacturing Process Material: High-quality steel plate by anti-corrosion processing manufacturing process: high-quality steel plate by hot-dip galvanizing, spraying treatment.

Purpose: Highway collision avoidance, isolation and so on. Product features: good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful and generous, safe.

highway guardrail trucks is also known as the highway guardrail anti-collision rush repair vehicle/guardrail rush repair vehicle, which is a highway guardrail rush repair equipment designed and developed by our company in recent years. Its main function is to pull out piles and pile driving.

IIt can carry more than 800KG maintenance equipment and materials. The speed of rush repair is 100KM/H, which plays an important role in the repair work of highway guardrail. The equipment has become a high-grade highway guardrail maintenance vehicles, our company's production of Changda brand highway guardrail emergency repair vehicle using Jiangling double-row chassis, the vehicle dynamic performance is good, low fuel consumption, reliable braking performance, top equipped with a long row of warning lights, cab can ride 5 people, and air conditioning equipment.

IIt has the functions of piling and pulling out piles for the high-grade highway anti-collision guardrail, and the upper part can rotate 270 degrees, and the left and right guardrail can be maintained, so the construction does not need to turn around. Piling, pile pulling positioning accurate, fast, simple operation, easy maintenance, reliable performance. It is the most ideal product for the maintenance of high grade highway crashworthy guardrail.

IThe vehicle has passed the announcement of the National Development and Reform Commission, passed the environmental protection certification of the State Environmental Protection Administration, met the national IV emission standards, and obtained the CCC certificate. Licence is available. This kind of road guardrail repair vehicle has been put into market in Shandong, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Zhejiang, Fujian, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities, and has been recognized by customers.It mainly serves for emergency repair, maintenance, maintenance and rescue operations of highway and highway anti-collision guardrails.

Application of highway guardrail

Application of highway guardrail

In the normal operation of the highway, the guardrail can be conveniently inserted into the pre-set jack-and-pull holes in the opening by using the plug-and-pull column, which plays a role of isolation and protection. At the same time, the guardrail corresponds to the guardrail belt on the outside of the highway and is uniform and beautiful. When a vehicle collides with it, the corrugated steel guardrail plate has good crashworthiness and energy absorption function, so it is not easy to be damaged, but also plays a very good role in protecting the vehicle and passengers. When the road maintenance or other reasons need to be connected, it is convenient to pull out and remove the groups of guardrail pillars at the opening, opening up a passage, and facilitate the passage of highway guardrail trucks.

highway guardrail trucks

"The green theme of this year's exhibition is more prominent, the ecological forest products are more abundant, the product quality, scientific and technological content and brand value are greatly improved, and the exhibition is more market-oriented, and the exhibition is widely used in the market," said a person in charge of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration. Mechanisms for inviting investment, holding various supporting activities, "enterprise singing" is more prominent as the main body.

The main arm of the highway guardrail trucks can be raised and lowered, and the cleaning brush arm can be retracted back and forth. Compared with the conventional non-lifting arm guardrail cleaning vehicle, the vehicle has three advantages: 1. When it encounters deformation or bending guardrail, it can be rolled back and forth, which is convenient to operate (the non-expanding arm guardrail cleaning vehicle can not clean deformation guardrail or bending part). Guardrail). 2, according to the width of the fence, the roller brush spacing should be adjusted appropriately to achieve better cleaning effect. 3. After rolling brush wear, the distance between the rolling brush can be reduced and the service life of the rolling brush will be extended. In order to achieve better cleaning effect and adapt to multi style guardrail.

Our company selects the roller brush connecting shaft and nylon adhesive cloth to brush. Nylon adhesive cloth brush roll compared to the advantages of conventional nylon guardrail brush roll: 1, according to the different types of guardrail brush combination can be selected (nylon brush, adhesive cloth brush). 2. The cleaning effect is good (the cleanliness of nylon guardrail is 40% once, and the cleanliness of nylon adhesive cloth is 80% once). 3. Economical and practical (nylon guardrail after rolling damage or excessive wear and tear to replace the whole, nylon bonded cloth brush roll selection of roller brush connection shaft and blade brush, roller brush damage only need to replace the seriously damaged brush). The rear mounting design of the auxiliary engine makes the maintenance convenient, reduces the disturbance of the vibration and noise of the auxiliary engine to the passengers, and improves the driving and riding comfort of the passengers. Self-adjusting cleaning device: During the operation, the cleaning device automatically tracks the position of the guardrail, automatically adjusts the position of the brush roller with the guardrail position, and there is no distortion after the guardrail cleaning. Choose a barrier cleaning car equipped with high efficiency brush head.

w beam guardrail

w beam guardrail

The length of brush head should be scientifically designed. According to the principle of the centrifugal stress caused by the operation speed of the scrubbing device, the unreasonable length of the brush wire will reduce the centrifugal stress of the brush wire and affect the cleaning effect. In operation, the excessive length of the scrubbing device will cause wear and tear due to the local wear and tear of the cleaning object. The length of the scrubbing device should be chosen according to the standard width of the steel plate. At the same time, we should choose the fence cleaning car with cylindrical brush and double brush head on the market. This type of vehicle can complete many scrubbing and spraying operations simultaneously to improve the efficiency of operation.


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