highway guardrail requirements

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highway guardrail requirements

The form and size of the highway guardrail should be in accordance with the highway guardrail requirements. The steel plate or strip should be formed by cold bending and completed in one punch. In the lap part of the waved beam, the equal section can be used, and the cross section can be used.

highway guardrail requirements

The construction project of the highway guardrail is carried out in the two seasons of spring and autumn. In winter, the construction of the guardrail will be faced with the difficulties of construction. For example, the cold of the air will be the test of the construction personnel. In winter, the temperature is low, the soil is frozen hard and hard to be constructed.

The key to the highway guardrail construction is the installation of the column of the guardrail, and the column of the guardrail should be buried deep in the underground so as to ensure the fixed stout of the guardrail, and it will not be lifted in the case of being hit. In summer, for the construction of guardrail boards, the burial work of columns is not a problem. But in the installation of the guardrail, we must consider the factors of the staff of the construction team. As the temperature rises in the summer, the builders will inevitably be sleepy in the high temperature environment. This will bring some influence on the construction quality. In the high temperature environment in summer, the builders will be as usual.

It is really not an easy thing to keep the quick thinking and highway guardrail requirements. The temperature is high, it is unavoidable to distract the construction staff. This is the work which needs careful ability to complete the guardrail construction. In the high temperature environment, the builders can't avoid the mistake. Once the error is made, any mistake will cause the whole highway guardrail requirements. The defect of the construction works will be very serious once the defective guardrail plate is hit in the future.

When the heavy vehicle occupancy rate is high, the dangerous road of serious traffic accidents will happen when the vehicle gets out of control, and a circular column with a diameter of 140 * 4.5 can be used. The structure of movable guardrail at the opening of the central divider. The height of the movable guardrail should be consistent with the setting height of the wave beam guardrail in the central divider.

highway safety guardrail

highway safety guardrail

highway guardrail requirements

material:1、All kinds of materials for wave beam guardrail on roadside and central dividers should meet the following requirements.

(1)The steel of the highway guardrail requirements, column, cross beam, end beam and connecting bolt are common carbon structural steel (Q235). The technical conditions should be in accordance with the specification of carbon structural steel (GB700 - 88).

(2)High strength bolts should be adopted for the bolts of the splicing board, and the material can be used 20MnTiB. The technical conditions should be in accordance with the provisions of the joint (GB3632 ~ 3633 - 83) of the high strength bolt for steel structures.

(3)The material of block material can be made of section steel, and its technical conditions should conform to the requirements of cold bending section steel technical conditions (GB6725 - 86).

(4)When the column is buried in the concrete, the number of concrete should not be less than No. 15. The material used for concrete should conform to the regulations of the construction technology of highway bridge and culvert (JTJ041 - 89).

2、Material anticorrosion

(1)All the cold bending steel parts of all highway guardrail requirements should be treated as anticorrosion treatment and can be hot-dip galvanized. Zinc used in hot dip galvanizing should be zinc or zinc No. 0 specified in "zinc ingot" (GB470 83). The amount of zinc crossing of a wave beam guard should be the zine crossing of wave beam, end beam, cross beam, column and steel resistance block. The amount is 600 (g/m2). Bolts, nuts, washers and anchorages shall be 3050 (g/m2).

highway guardrail history

highway guardrail history

(2)Bolt, nut and other fasteners must be cleaned or centrifuged after hot dip galvanizing. When conditions permit, the fasteners and other fasteners such as bolt and nut can also be made of powder galvanizing.

(3)The corrosion protection principle of movable highway guardrail requirements is the same as that of corrugated beam guardrail. When hot dip galvanizing is applied, the amount of zinc plating shall be 600g/m2.

The highway anti-collision guardrail is the most important traffic infrastructure. The expressway in China developed from 1980s. It plays an important role in the development of the national economy and the society. Because of the fast driving speed and the heavy traffic density, a complete set of safety facilities must be set up on the expressway.

As an integral part of safety facilities, crashworthy guardrail plays an important role in preventing traffic accidents. The collision guardrail of bridge structure is the only visible project which is visible and beautiful in the process of construction after the construction is built. The quality of the project and the accuracy of the geometry size directly affect the overall image of the project, so the standard of quality is very high. How to ensure the geometric size and beautiful alignment of the crashworthy guardrail is the goal pursued by the construction unit.

The expressway was started in some western countries in 1930s. There was no guardrail at that time. With the development of society, transportation becomes more and more convenient, and brings convenience to our life. But safety is a problem that can not be ignored. The highway guardrail requirements has two starting points for traffic safety:

First, active prevention, such as the designation of relevant traffic laws and regulations, traffic marking and so on.

When the traffic accident occurs, try to minimize the damage. At this time, we need highway guardrail requirements and hedging lanes and other protective measures.

The high speed fence can absorb the energy generated by the impact and greatly enhance the life safety factor.

hot dip galvanized highway guardrail

hot dip galvanized highway guardrail


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